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Ipad Help Documents

This information on this help page is specifically for the Galashiels cluster of schools. Most of the information is applicable to all the SBC / CGI ipads and you are welcome to troubleshoot ipad problems using it whereever you live in the Borders. However please contact your local school to resolve problems. DONT contact Galashiels Academy, we dont have access to the background systems for other schools & we wont be able to help you

For everything to work successfully on the ipad there are 2 things that must all be set up correctly in a specific order.

1) safari browser must be connecting to the internet successfully.
2) the Outlook mail app must be logged in

once these 2 conditions have been satisfied the office apps, Teams etc should log in correctly. Most issues are caused by changing your Glow password on a classroom computer and forgetting to change it on the ipad.

Please ensure your ipad is fully charged ready for school use. A full charge will last several days of normal day to day use.

 Please remember when leave school & return your ipad we need the ipad, case, the official Apple 2 part snap together plug & the official cable returned.



Proxy error / Safari browser not connecting to the internet

This is the single commonest cause of problems with the ipad. Most of the other apps require internet access, so if safari isnt working they wont work either.


In school ONLY
It seems to mainly occurs when trying to rejoin the school wifi system after using the device on home wifi

On your device make sure you are connected to the SBC-Inspire-Learning ssid.

If you are asked for a password, use education


Then, both in school & at home

Reset the network settings (in settings – general – reset). After it reboots put your PIN into the device as normal. Once you are logged in open your safari browser and see if you can get to Wikipedia using the icon.

If you get a proxy authentication error this is the fix:

Username = cluster1\your-curricular-system-username
for example cluster1\jsmith115
Password = your system password login for example jellybeans38

If you change your computer log in password on a school computer you need to log safari in again on your ipad.

A printable version of this can be found on this link

Some information about the proxy settings from Inspire Learning can be found on this link


Joining SATCHEL:ONE (formerly  known as Show My Homework)

Most problems here are just using the wrong option to log into Show My Homework. Please make sure you are using the "Log In Via Office 365" option near the bottom of the page.

You will need your full glow email address (eg and password. If you use any other email address apart from your Glow address it will fail to work


If the Outlook 365 option doesnt work try the RMUnify option right down at the bottom of the page. Both options will require your full email address & password.



Here is a short video we have made to walk yourself through setting yourself up to use Satchel One -the Home learning platform we use.

Here is a link to viewing all Gala Academy homework-but it is easier if you get a unique code from the school office to see your child’s homework;

A printable version of this can be downloaded here (pdf file)

Logging into Outlook

If you change your password on a classroom computer or if your teacher changes it for you, then you must change it on your ipad Outlook app. In Outlook, towards the bottom of the ipad screen, a grey line will appear saying log into Outlook. Tap the link,  & log into Outlook again with your new password.

If Authenticator always throws an error when trying to log in, Safari probably isnt logged in correctly. (see topmost topic to fix)



Unable to preview files in Show My Homework

This is normally caused by Safari not being logged in correctly. See the topic at the top of this information to fix the Safari error.


Slow charging / Ipad not charging at all

You must use the proper two part 10Watt charger that was supplied with your ipad. A standard 5Watt phone charger will not supply enough power to charge an ipad successfully. Ipads with faulty charging circuits are very rare -  we have only seen 2 out of nearly 1000 devices handed out to staff & pupils.

See also the topic labelled Ipad appears not to be charging - charge percentage stuck at low level.



Ipad appears not to be charging - charge percentage seems to be stuck at a low level

We see this one occasionally - the charge level seem to get "stuck" at something like 20%  and doesnt go any higher no matter how long you leave the device charging.

The fix for this is to do a hard reset. Hold the home button and press the power button to turn it off. Keep on holding the power button even after the slider appears. The ipad will eventually switch off. Leave it for a couple of minutes  then turn it back on again. Once it reboots you should find it shows the correct charge level


Ipad locked due to forgotten pin

If you are in school go to the IT Office (first floor Music corridor - next to the staffroom) ask the technician to unlock your device.

If school is closed for any reason you can do it at home on a desktop or laptop computer. You will need to install the latest version of Itunes:

Connect charging cable to the laptop.
Switch off ipad.
Press and hold the Home button on iPad, keep button held.
Plug charging cable into iPad, keep holding the Home button.
Ipad should go into recovery mode and option to Restore should show in iTunes, click restore and follow instructions.

This has been tested on both the Generation6 & Generation7 devices


Cant type on the screen in Word documents

You are not signed into Outlook correctly. All the Office apps authenticate through Glow, so please ensure you are are correctly logged into Outlook, then sign into Word. The sign in message appears up towards the top of the screen.


Trying to open files give a "cannot display preview" message

Try downloading the file onto the device and opening it from there rather than opening the preview. If this fails you need to delete the app & reinstall.

To do this hold the app icon on the main screen then tap delete when this option pops up on screen. Reinstall the app from the self service icon. It should work correctly now.


Apps missing or accidentally deleted from the ipad

A nice easy fix - go into the self service icon (the multi coloured one) and choose the app(s) that you require. As long as you are connected to the internet the app will appear on the desktop.


Glow / email password reset required but school is closed

This contact is for Galashiels Academy pupils ONLY - contact your local school for help if you are reading this from elsewhere in the council area.

Either phone (01896) 754788 or email the school We need the pupils name and we will ensure the password is changed as a high priority job.


One Drive not working on the ipad

Go into Outlook - Settings - One Drive. Reset One Drive & the problem will be fixed.


Keep your ipad up to date

Turn on automatic updates in the settings. All sorts of odd errors can occur if the IOS operating system gets too far out of date.

You can update the operating system manually in Settings - General. Updates tend to be big downloads so the time taken to update will depend on the speed of your home broadband connection. On most home connections its probably going to take at least a couple of hours and the ipad will not be usable during the update process.


The time display is 8 hours slow

It is showing the time in Califormia - home of Apple! You need to enable location services which can be found in Settings - Privacy

Forgotten parental SATCHEL:ONE code

This information is for Galashiels Academy pupils ONLY. Contact your local school for help if you are reading this from elsewhere in the council area.

If you have forgotten the parental Satchel:One code please email the school giving your child's name & we will reissue forgotten parental codes. In the meantime you can get a general overview of what has been set by year / class / teacher here: Galashiels Academy Satchel:One homework overview



Returning a homework document using Teams

 If you are asked to return a document in Teams and dont know how to do it have a look at this youtube guide

Returning an assignment in Teams


Apps not working properly

Occasionally an app just doesnt seem to work properly. Its unusual, but for example one we have seen is Teams playing up - files sent to a class dont show for one pupil. Delete the app by pressing and holding the icon on the screen and selecting delete. Then go into the Self Service icon and reinstall it. Log into it again and everything will be working properly again.


Your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is a specially generated email address that connects into the Apple servers. For pupils it will be in the form of  Note this is a special scotborders email address - you cannot use your glow address here.

eg - (the first bit will be whatever you log into the school computer system with)


Apple ID's issued after August 2021 are now of the form

This information below is for Galashiels Academy pupils & staff ONLY. Contact your local school for help if you are reading this from elsewhere in the council area.

Try the following pins to begin with:

2013 or 2014 (S1 &S2 only)
your birthdate (pupils were asked to set it to something memorable when the ipads were handed out)

We can get the pin reset if you forget it  - please contact the school email address if we are working from home due to the pandemic or bad weather. ( - dont forget to give us the pupils name!)

Staff Apple ID pin resets are a bit more complicated - for security purposes you need to set a mobile phone number for additional authentication. Contact the CGI helpdesk using the CGI webchat icon on your screen and they will sort the problem for you.


Setting up a replacement / new ipad

All ipads issued as replacements by Galashiels Academy are sent out with details instructions on how to set them up from scratch. However these details often get lost, so here is the file for setting up a replacement / new ipad

Setting up an ipad from scratch (pdf file)

Again this information is mainly for Galashiels Academy pupils, but the general information can be used by people elsewhere in the council area - just substitute your specific log in details for your school.


Ive lost / broken my ipad charger or cable

We were not provided with any extra charging plugs or cables. If you have lost or broken yours then you have to replace it yourself - make sure you buy a proper 2 part Apple ipad charger NOT a phone charger. There is no point asking for a replacement - we dont have any.