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Transition from P7 to S1

At Galashiels Academy, we appreciate the significance of the transition from primary to secondary education and have a robust programme in place to support young people at this crucial time.

Throughout term one (August to December) our Pupil Support Team (led by Mr Crichton and Ms Whaley) will be in contact with all associated primary schools to begin gathering relevant and pertinent information to allow us to best support Primary 7’s throughout their transition year. Our Senior Management Team, along with our S6 Head Team, will be in contact with all primaries to arrange evening visits to all establishments where the focus will be on meeting with P7’s and parents/carers, sharing information and offering an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the transition programme. All P7’s will be invited to attend our annual Remembrance assembly held during the week of November 11th.
Throughout term two (January to April) Mr Crichton-along with the rest of the Pastoral team- and Ms Whaley will arrange to visit associated primaries to meet with P7 pupils and teaching staff to continue gathering information that will help to make the transition process as successful as possible. All P7’s will be invited in to Galashiels Academy in January to take part in an exciting transition day, with emphasis on developing skills in Health and Wellbeing, Numeracy, Literacy and Expressive Arts. Towards the end of term two, Mr Crichton and Ms Whaley will put together proposed S1 classes based on all the information they have gathered from their primary colleagues throughout terms one and two. These proposed classes will be sent to all primaries to check and suggest any amendments.

Throughout term three (April to June) things will continue at pace as we enter P7 pupils final ever term in primary education. Our Pupil Support team will be in primary schools attending transition meetings, planning meetings and MAC’s, where relevant. Our Pupil Support team will also be heavily involved in a number of Enhanced Transitions. Enhanced Transitions are for any young people who may require additional assistance to what has been detailed above. These young people will be identified by our Primary colleagues throughout the year.

Now, the exciting part…on Thursday 11th June and Friday 12th June, all P7’s will join us for their full two day visit! On these days, P7’s will attend Galashiels Academy, meet young people from all eleven associated primary schools, meet their new classmates, follow their new S1 timetable, meet their new teachers and spend time with their new S6 Buddy. These days are genuinely exciting and P7’s tend to leave feeling very enthused and ready for what awaits them in August. Students will also receive their brand new iPads on the Thursday which will open up significant interactive learning opportunities when they join us in August. On the evening of Thurs 11th, we would like to invite all P7 parents/carers(and P7’s) to attend a presentation evening in our assembly hall. From 6.30pm onwards there will be an opportunity to purchase your son/daughters new school tie and from 7pm onwards there will be a series of short presentations which will hopefully provide additional information on Galashiels Academy and the next steps in your child’s educational journey. There will also be information shared regarding our iPad roll out, an opportunity to ask questions and to have a walk around our campus if you are not familiar with our school.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to phone in and ask for myself in the first instance (Mr Crichton 01896 754788).