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Rag Bag Fundraising

 Galashiels Academy Physical Education Department will again be using the Rag Bag Recycling Scheme to raise money for the school’s sport teams.  Last year we raised £175 which has bought new hockey balls, footballs and rugby balls.

Through Rag Bag we can help to recycle textiles and clothing that may have ended up going to landfill. It is estimated that approximately 1.75 million tons of clothing waste is produced in the UK every year.

Out of this vast tonnage around 1.2 million tons is sent unnecessarily to landfill.

If we can divert some of this tonnage away from landfill we will directly help the environment and help provide good quality clothing to some of the poorest developing nations in the world.

We would very much appreciate your help. If you have any unwanted textiles that you would like to donate, we accept the following:

  • Wearable Clothing
  • Paired Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Belts

Please bring them in a black bin bag and drop them off at the PE department between 8:15am and 4:30pm (Mon- Thu) and 8:15am and 2:00pm (Friday).

The pupils and staff are very grateful for any help you can give,

Thank you,


Robyn Ballantyne, Thomas Otton, Steven Patterson, Aidan Turner and Rachel Spence

Galashiels Academy Senior PE Working Group