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Netball - Gala Spartans vs Lauren's Ladies

By Aidan Turner (S6)

On Tuesday 1st  March Galashiels Academy students took part in a netball game for the ages. Gala Spartans, also known as the boy’s senior rugby team, played against Laurens ladies, the girls’ netball team. The two teams were lead out by their captains Lauren Thomson for the Ladies and James Allan for the Spartans with lots of energy and enthusiasm going into the game.

The Ladies came out the gates in the first half with fast movement of the ball and accurate passing skills. The Spartans however were able to quickly cut out their attacks with high flying interceptions. This allowed them to move up the court fast with crisp passes by Aidan Turner and Struan Mitchell keeping the girls on the back foot and leading to a few easy scores by the big man Robbie Irvine. The Ladies however where not going to go down without a fight, they came back with their leader on the court Lauren Thomson directing the attacks keeping the Spartans guessing, and leading to a few deep shots swished in by Niamh Doyle.

As the second half of the quarters kicked off the Spartan started to rotate their sub in there subs with one of them being our very own Deputy Heads Thomas Caldow. He came on and hade a few unforced errors that led to easy chances for Elspeth MacKinnon to pounce on and score. The Spartans however were not fazed by these errors and when it got in to the business end of the fourth quarter put the foot down with big plays from the Rory and Gregor Shepard, John Turnbull and big Alistair Crooks on defence. The final whistle finally went after the intense battle between the two teams which saw the Gala Spartans come out on top with a 24-8 victory.